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Pleasant Relief™ Herbal Tincture - 1 Oz. glass spray bottle

Pleasant Relief™ Herbal Tincture - 1 Oz. glass spray bottle

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Pleasant Relief Herbal Tincture is a cooling muscle spray.  Developed according to the original recipe of "Dit Da Jow"; a liniment traditionally preferred by martial artists. Often a martial arts master blends his unique mixture of many aromatic herbs such as myrrh and ginseng, which are combined and recommended to be applied after a match. The tradition became known as “hit medicine”. 


While our blend includes many of the elements of a TRUE Dit Da Jow, we've located USA available herbs and powders (15 to be exact) and added Wisconsin-Grown hemp to our tincture.  Pleasant Relief™ is our trademark and we love this product!

  • Warning

    Just know this is an alcohol based product so avoid use on open areas, such as cuts and broken skin... that would result in a great big OUCH! Kind of like applying lemon juice on a cut. However, if you prefer a spray on topical... this might be a good choice for you.

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